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T O P I C    R E V I E W
anonkw Posted - 01/08/2010 : 02:31:25

In December of 2007, I found myself compelled by family politics into mending the
gutters of our home.
Against my better judgement, I went to work in the middle of a heat wave.
After some days had passed and halfway through the job, I realized that I was feeling tired and physically weaker than usual, but ignored it and put it down to being out of shape.
On top of this, an old injury in my left shoulder was playing up much worse than usual.I have pale skin, and it's always been my custom to occasionally check myself for skin cancers.
Shortly after I became aware of the fatigue I was feeling, I did one of my checkups, and found that a small brown mole on the upper left side of my back, had turned into a large black mole about one and a half centimeters in diameter. There were also small red veins visible just under the skin between the mole and my left shoulder.
A few years ago I came to a point where I finally acknowledged that my life belongs to
God, and besides that, I knew that the work on an ebook I was writing was far from finished.
Since the work I was involved in was the result of a calling from God, I knew that I wasn't
going to die at that time.

In my part of the world, medical service can be very slow, and I knew that if I had to
wait for an operation to remove it, it might possibly be too late. That didn't bother me at
all, since I had no intention of going to a doctor anyhow!

One day, more than twenty years ago, I was listening to the radio, and between songs
the disk jockey mentioned a piece of trivia which I found to be very interesting.

He said that a study had discovered, that in areas of the world with high levels of
selenium in the soil, there were very few instances of skin cancer.
This stuck in my mind because I'd been using an anti dandruff shampoo (Selsun), of which
the main ingredient is selenium sulphide.

Ever since that time, I've rubbed Selsun into any brown mole which begins to become
inflamed from too much exposure to the sun.
I found that the effect it had was always beneficial, and that these moles returned to normal
in a very short space of time.

For years I wondered if it might actually work on something as severe as a melanoma.

Added to my own experience, was something that I heard recently on the nightly news,
"that selenium is now accepted by medical science to be a powerful anti cancer element".

Without hesitation, I went straight to the Selsun and began rubbing it into the mole at
two hour intervals throughout the day!

When I woke up the next morning, the first thing I did was to reach over and feel the

I can't say that I was surprised to find, that it had begun to shrink.

Within a day or two, my strength returned and the small red veins disappeared, and the
pain in my left shoulder went away.

I continued applying it to the mole every two hours for three weeks until the last small
piece of it fell away while I was asleep one night.

At that point I began to apply the Selsun only two or three times a day, and at the end
of the fourth week there was only a pale pink spot, where it had been.

Besides the initial mole, it had also begun to travel down the middle of my back.
Two small black moles appeared just inside of my left shoulder blade, at the end of a kind of
black trail effect.
I also treated those, but they seemed to respond more slowly than the original.

After hearing a story some time earlier of a woman who had died of Selenium poisoning, I was
reluctant to use the treatment for too long. Consequently I quit the treatment at the
point where the two moles near my shoulder blade had shrunk somewhat and lost their blackness.
At that time they only looked like a couple of small skin coloured warts.

I felt quite comfortable that the cancer was gone, so I didn't closely inspect
my back again until about a year and a half later, when I noticed that the skin on my upper
back seemed to have more pigment than it should have, and was quite rough to the touch.
A closer inspection then revealed that on the inside of both shoulder blades, and also down my
spine, it felt like there was small gravel under the skin.
Besides this I also noticed that there were a couple of black spots on each side
of my neck which I simply hadn't paid much attention to.

Right then I knew that I hadn't continued the treatment for long enough the first time, and
that this time I didn't have the option of being concerned about what the selenium in the
Selsun might do to me. [The actual selenium sulphide content of Selsun is only about one percent.]

Without a doubt, the melanoma was now a much bigger immediate threat!
I began to widely apply the Selsun again to most of my back, spread out wherever there was
any lump or indication of a tumor or black spot.
(There were also a few small slightly raised black patches here and there which
became more visible with the application of Selsun.)

I then got a bit of a shock.
At the site near my left shoulder blade where the last two moles had left off, the
application of the Selsun also revealed a large black patch of subdermal melanoma, about an
inch and a half across. I then also understood why both of my shoulders had been painfull to sleep
on for the past couple of days and why my energy levels had also again begun to lag.

It was a real mess!

My brother recently told me of a program he'd seen, where a young man had shown similar
symptoms as myself and had died shortly afterwards.

I found that the best way to apply the Selsun to the area was to spread it onto
the inner edge of my left thumb, and was able to reach the difficult areas of my back that way.
I soon struck a bit of trouble with using the two hourly treatments though.
Some of the outer layers of skin began to peal off (something like you would get from sunburn).
This in itself was uncomfortable and caused quite a lot of itchiness, but that wasn't the real problem.
Around the worst area on the inside of the left shoulder blade, my skin became inflamed and
deeply cracked and slight pain in the area told me that there was now a growing threat of
infection setting in.
It then occurred to me that I could mix a little moisturising cream (I used Sorbolene)
and antiseptic cream in with the Selsun.
This fixed the problem of excessive inflammation and cracking skin and quelled the threat of
infection straight away.
Although this seemed to weaken the affect of the Selsun slightly, I discovered that most of
the affected areas still responded very well to the treatment, and I continued that way for
about two and a half months.
Just short of that time I noticed however, that the initial mole was still slightly black with
a few small red veins extending away from it.

This was easily fixed though.

I simply began treating it with undiluted Selsun about once every hour for a couple of days,
after which it was left as a rather large skin coloured wart like protuberance.
(You might be able to considerably shorten the overall treatment, if you use these concentrated
treatments on the original site of the melanoma from early on!)

Oddly enough, although the blackness was gone, the wart continued to grow for a while at
that time.

The whole time I was applying the treatment, I was aware that I might possibly be
poisoning myself with Selenium, since it's one of those things that can build up in your body.

Being a Christian however, I felt that God might let me know when I had to quit the treatments.
Around the end of the two and a half months, a red rash began to develop around
my left armpit and a couple of days later the same thing happened near my right armpit.
It occurred to me that this could possibly be a symptom of the high levels of selenium in my
Then, a day or so later, the right side of my neck swelled up.

It was at that time that I actually got a warning from God in a very strange way.
I had sat down to watch a movie called "13 Ghosts".
At the beginning of the movie, an unusual little boy who was sitting at the breakfast table
and reading the morning paper, said ...
"cancer is down, but suicides are up"
Now considering that I had just spent the last couple of months, not knowing whether
the greater threat to my life was the cancer, or the possibility that I might actually be
poisoning myself, I simply knew at that moment that it was directed at me!
Although the large wart like protuberance was still on my back, I immediately ceased the Selsun

The rashes near my right and left armpits disappeared after a day or so, and I was also very
pleased to discover, that the last vestiges of any scaring left by the presence of the skin
cancer itself, also rapidly began to fade.
About a couple of weeks or so after the last treatment, even that large wart on my back had
completely disappeared, and my skin is now looking better than it has in years.
The black spots on the side of my neck didn't disappear completely however, and they now look
like small brown freckles.

Something else I learned years ago is that cancer actually consumes carbohydrates, so I've
stopped eating most biscuits, cake and ice cream and began eating more fruit and drinking a bit
more water each day.
(I usually drink a lot of tea and coffee.)

Added to that I've begun a regime of moderate exercise, since I felt that new
muscle growth might reinvigorate my metabolism and begin to purge my body of excessive
amounts of selenium.
I took it easy at first though, since I perceived that the treatment might've
also put a bit of a strain on my heart.
At one point near the end of the treatments I felt a twinge in my left arm and in my chest, but after
relaxing for a minute, it went away and I've not had any further trouble of that kind.
(It might not even have been related to the treatment at all, since I've had similar twinges
over the years!)

A few more things that I've noticed from this treatment ...
1. A couple of liver spots on the back of my hands have also disappeared.

2. Melanoma almost seems like an evil intelligence. When it begins to spread, it can even
spring up in those areas that have never been exposed to the sun.
During the treatment, make sure you continually check every area of your body where it might
be covered by hair. (I found a couple of them myself)

3. One time, an area of sensitive skin became so inflamed by the treatment that it blistered badly.
It looked like I had been burnt in a fire, but five minutes later it returned to normal.
None of the negative effects on the skin appear to be permanent, but if by chance an
area of skin reacts badly, simply stretch out the time between the treatments to
that area to about three or four hours apart for a while.(Just use your common sense)

4. It's important that you use the Selsun in the yellow bottle, since it's been
formulated for use with skin conditions such as dermatitis. (Strangely enough, the people
who make this stuff don't seem to be at all aware of the affect it has upon skin cancer.)

Although I have since heard of a few cases of people claiming to have been cured of other
kinds of cancer by taking raw garlic, (garlic is also rich in selenium), I believe that
melanoma is such an aggressive form of cancer, that it requires the direct application of
sufficient quantities of selenium for the treatment to work properly.
The evidence of that can be seen in my own experience, where the worst part of the melanoma
required hourly treatments of undiluted Selsun to finally get rid of it!
I've also experienced anecdotal evidence which I haven't included here, which leads me to believe
that direct selenium treatments might possibly also work on other forms of cancer that aren't
too deep, and can be felt beneath the skin.
If you wish to try it on one of these other forms of cancer, I recommend that you should also
include raw garlic in your diet for a while, as this could attack the cancer more effectively
from within, as well as from the direct application.
It's also occurred to me that since it's been shown to work on melanoma, it seems very
likely that it might also work on other less deadly forms of skin cancer.

If you're alerted to the threat early enough, you may not need to treat yourself for as
long as I did. Just make sure that you spread the Selsun all around the area so that you
don't miss any rogue cells, and even after you're pretty sure that it's gone, you should continue
doing regular ongoing inspections of your whole body, to make sure that it doesn't return!
Even if you decide to make an appointment with a doctor, it might still consume precious days of your
time, so I recommend that you begin using these treatments in the meantime, as soon as you discover a potential melanoma.
The yellow bottle of Selsun is available over the counter of many supermarkets and
chemists, and it should be completely safe for you to try it for a week or so without any
real risk.
Probably the worst things you would experience from this treatment would be the smell of the
Selsun, (which has to be left on your skin the whole time), and the itchiness at night, which
means you will have trouble getting to sleep.
(During the worst of the treatment it took me about 2 hours each night to fall sleep, but for
the most part, it's painless!)
These difficulties won't be so bad however, if you don't need to spread the Selsun over a wide
The general application at two hour intervals is necessary to make progress against the disease,
but you might want to try a slightly different approach which could also possibly work.
If you apply it every 3 hours, it should maintain the status quo during the day, but make
sure that you apply a liberal application just before bedtime.
I haven't tried this method myself, but I've noticed that the best results seem to be
apparent after you wake up in the morning.
(There may be something about the resting state that gets better results)
In the case of something as potentially lethal as a melanoma, I believe that it's everybody's
right to decide what course of action they want to take.
I've only ever used this treatment on myself, so Obviously I can't make you any promises,
but if you try it, there should be a very noticeable difference in some of the tumors in the first
couple of days, if it's going to work at all.

After I was forced by circumstances to use the Selsun treatment for the second time, I wondered
how the woman I spoke of earlier could possibly have died from too much selenium, seeing that
the warning symptoms I myself had experienced should have sent her running to a doctor.
Then all of a sudden, the rest of the circumstances connected to her death suddenly began to
make sense to me.
I remembered that she was murdered by her husband who had been putting it into her makeup for
about a year or so.
But this is the part of the story that really makes sense of it all.

Her husband was a doctor!

As soon as she began to get symptoms of poisoning, he must've given her a bogus treatment
which only served to cover up her symptoms.
If she hadn't trusted her husband so much, she might have sought a second opinion, and would
probably still be alive today!
I'm certainly not trying to blacken the reputation of the medical profession here though.
What happened to her was an isolated incident, but it did get me to thinking.

Since the information connected to selenium in relation to skin cancer has been documented
for the past 25 years or so, why is it that nobody in the medical profession has yet been
able to come up with a selenium based treatment?

My conclusion to this is not at all sinister however.
I simply tend to believe that the information got lost in a mountain of similar studies of
different compounds, and they lacked the one thing they really needed to help them to join
the dots.
And that one thing is the guidance of the Holy Spirit!
It was the Lord who opened my eyes to this treatment over many years, so that when skin cancer
finally became a threat to my life, I was already prepared and immediately knew what to do.

Because of the potentially toxic levels of selenium in the blood, I believe it's also important
to get plenty of sleep at night for at least several months after the treatment.
The recovery from the swelling of the gland in my neck had been quite slow, and for a couple
of weeks after the treatment, I found it necessary to sit down and rest my neck every now and
then, to ease the swelling.
About two months after the last of the treatment, the gland was still quite swollen, and on
impulse, I decided to try something.
I felt that the levels of selenium in my blood must have receded somewhat after that time,
so for twice a day I started applying Selsun to the back of my neck and the ridge
of my shoulders, which I felt could have used a bit more treatment.
I also applied it to what I'd thought to be a minor infection on the side of both of my upper
arms, which I hadn't believed to be related to the skin cancer.
After the very first night, the swelling began to subside, and after another two months it has now
almost returned to normal and the infection on my arms has also responded well.

If there are any new developments, I'll try to get back to you and fill you in on the details.

I hope that this information will help somebody else.
Sincerely K.W.

50   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
anonkw Posted - 10/14/2018 : 04:28:29
Hey again!
I recently noticed some signs that the melanoma was gaining ground again.
I increased the dose to twice a day and it appears to be working well.
I suspect that twice a day is probably the bare minimum treatment for a serious form of cancer like this.
anonkw Posted - 02/04/2018 : 17:48:27
Hi everyone.
I just thought I'd drop in to let you know that the treatment I've been using is still working.
I think it's possibly the most effective treatment available for melanoma.
One thing I recently discovered is that mixing it with water works better than Sorbolene.
It's less viscous, and is more readily soaked up by the skin. Just pore a little on your hand and rub it in.
anonkw Posted - 08/01/2016 : 21:42:30
Hi there!
Just wanted everyone to know that I'm still alive and well, and there's no sign skin cancer returning.
The selenium treatment appears to work brilliantly, but I recently stopped taking it internally when I learned that too much selenium can cause Leukemia.
What the heck, even drinking too much water can kill you, but I didn't think it wise to tempt fate.
Since I've been using it for years now, I still intend to use it on my skin though.
anonkw Posted - 02/18/2016 : 23:37:38
Hello again!
I'm still alive and kicking from using the selenium treatment, but
I recently heard something which is good to keep in mind.
Apparently too much selenium in your system might result in
leukemia. I've put an enormous amount of it on my skin over the years,
and I think it might be true that it has difficulty getting all the way through the skin. It's probably okay to ingest a little of it, but
you should refrain from eating large quantities.
anonkw Posted - 01/12/2015 : 19:00:25
Over the last seven months I've only been using this treatment about once a day, and it still seems to be holding strong.
For any Christians who might be wondering about what happened to my blog, you can now find me at
with even more new revelations from God.
gloe Posted - 11/25/2014 : 05:49:37
Busymom, I wanted to come back and answer some of your questions.

I got my petty spurge seeds from the australia nursey that is posted on the petty spurge thread. How did it work? Until I used petty spurge, I did not have an ulcerated, bleeding sore that now won't heal. Before petty spurge, I had used a few other things, that my skin always recovered from. Perhaps I need to keep using it, but it does get tiring especially dealing with family members who are health care professionals and try to badger me into having surgery. One family member went into detail about how they would try to match my skin for a graft, possibly by taking skin from my neck. Thanks.

IP6 has known anti-cancer properties. It is not expensive, especailly just using it topically. I used the Enzymatic Therapy brand of IP6+ Insositol like Rocco did. Get the capsules as they can be easily pulled apart. There is dicusssion about IP6 and many other things on this thread: If you take it orally, be sure to take it on an empty stomach. IP6 will bind to the minerals in your food, not something you want. Some people recommend waiting 2 hours before and after eating to take IP6. e.g. Eat at 6 am, take IP6 at 8 am; you can eat again at 10 am, etc. Using it topically, I found IP6 mixes very well with DMSO. You can make it into a paste using just a tiny bit of DMSO, or water it down some more, and it will just leave a whitish residue on yor skin which you can brush off.

Cucumin also has known anticancer properties. I would be willing to try it topically again, maybe being more careful to just get it in the center of the problem and not letting it spread around so much, although that is hard to do as it is mixed with coconut oil which tends to spread. So I don't know.

Need to leave for an appointment.

anivoc Posted - 11/25/2014 : 05:33:42
Hang in there Busymom. Over the next few days swelling should start to go usually took around 2 weeks for the eschar to fall out and a month or so before I quit covering the wound.

I used neosporin my first go around...then chickweed salve on later years applications ( mostly bees wax and olive oil )

The saran wrap actually works pretty well but I cover them with flesh colored "Tan" 3m micropore tape to hold it in place. I buy the 2" wide and 1" wide rolls on e-bay

gloe Posted - 11/25/2014 : 04:21:23
Originally posted by cheryl21

Hi busymom,

I used vaseline once, which worked quite well, but I didn't put anything on the other couple that I had, although they weren't bad at all. My naturopath has since told me to use coconut oil.

Yes, using the salve is not for the faint-hearted!

Instead of Vaseline, I can recommend something called Unpetroleum Jelly. It is a mixture of oils in a base that makes it somewhat the consistency of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) but without the petroleum products.
Amazon and health food stores sell it.

Happy T'day everyone!
cheryl21 Posted - 11/24/2014 : 22:24:28
Hi busymom,

I used vaseline once, which worked quite well, but I didn't put anything on the other couple that I had, although they weren't bad at all. My naturopath has since told me to use coconut oil.

Yes, using the salve is not for the faint-hearted!
busymom Posted - 11/24/2014 : 21:30:39
Hi Cheryl! Yeah, I guess I will just hold for now and see what happens when the eschar detaches. Did you put any kind of salve on your site while you were waiting on the eschar to detach? I have used some homeopathic calendula ointment, orange oil, frankincense oil, copaiba oil (which seemed to help some with pain). I clean it with regular 3% peroxide and witch hazel. I have also put some coconut oil on it and around it, which feels really good and seems to help with inflammation.

I have been in quite a bit of pain. It is not unbearable, but it does demand attention. I do have some strong pain killers, but I only used those once, which was last Friday night after I had put the 3rd application of black salve on. I don't want to relive that night again any time soon, let me tell you. Otherwise, I am using some OTC pain meds.

Thanks for checking in on me. I did just check my e-mail and have replied back to you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!
busymom Posted - 11/24/2014 : 21:16:47
Hi Gloe! You know, I am not totally sure about how many times to treat a site. I think it probably depends on the individual case. In the book that I have, Cancer Salves, she urges that you scratch and/or cut into the eschar so that you can treat it again and the salve will penetrate through the eschar. She says this can prevent you from having to treat the site again after the eschar comes off. I am in enough pain, so I just figured I would treat it a third time and hopefully this one round of treatments will be enough to kill whatever is there and I won't have to go for a round 2. However, I guess I won't really know what it looks like until the eschar comes off and that doesn't seem like it will be anytime soon. The author suggests that you keep the site covered and not let it dry out, so that healing is slow and steady. Obviously, this keeps the area moist and so the eschar doesn't dry up like it would if it were open to the air. I have found that seran wrap works great to keep the area covered, but I can take it off anytime I want and clean it or dab some witch hazel on it, which feels REALLY refreshing. Then I just put a new piece of seran wrap over it. And, it's a lot cheaper than those occlusive bandages.

I have heard of Petty Spurge, but have not used it. I got some seeds from a lady in Israel a couple of years ago and I still have them. I was thinking of planting them this winter, since I read that the plant likes cold weather. How did the Petty Spurge work for you? Do you grow your own?

The curcumin mixture sounds interesting. I take this internally, but have not used it externally. Interesting, in the Cancer Salves book, Ingrid (the author) mentions turmeric many times and actually mentions adding it to the salves. She says it can also help with pain since it is an anti-inflammatory. So, since it is messy for you and caused irritation to your skin, maybe you could just take it internally and reap the benefits that way.

I have never heard of IP6. What is that? I have heard of DMSO, and I have some around here somewhere that I had used on one of my cows. LOL! I have heard good things about it. The black salve I have has DMSO in it to help with penetration. I hope what you are using now will work well for you. Are the spots you have melanomas or some other kind?

That is good that you are doing your oral supplements as well. I am familiar with the apricot seeds. I have eaten them in the past. I had ordered mine from Wilderness Family, which is also where I get my coconut oil. I am currently drinking essiac tea, dandelion tea, echinacea tea, taking garlic, echinacea, and goldenseal, as well as lots of vitamin D, curcumin and lots of B vitamins. Some days it gets tiring, but I do enjoy the teas. :-)

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving week and hope to see you on here again soon.

cheryl21 Posted - 11/24/2014 : 10:45:40
Hi busymom,

I guess you just wait from here. I wouldn't think you would have to reapply the salve. At least not until the eschar falls out and you see what it looks like then. I hope you're not in too much pain now. Are you taking painkillers?

I sent you an email, did you get it?

Best wishes,
gloe Posted - 11/24/2014 : 05:34:18
Hi Busymom, I of course also wish you the best with your treatment. I thought that using Black Salve you only do it twice (24 hours apart) but you have a book for instructions, so go at it!

Most recently, I have used Petty Spurge. Also, I did a week of a mix of coconut oil and curcumin. That was extremely messy. The color orange/yellow spread all over my nose and the treated side of my face, in spite of my applying the mix with a Q-tip. Also all my finger tips and nails. After you stop using it, the color does wash off after a few days. But the mix seemed to ulcerate my skin, including what I though was "normal" skin around the sore. I had alot of bleeding in places that did not bleed before.

After the curcumin treatment, I went back to IP6 mixed with DMSO; leave on for about an hour or 2, rinse off and apply Argentum 23 Gel. This treatment is very soothing and my skin is healing up and not as irritated. All in all, the treatment area seems smaller now, but I still have one sore that tends to bleed, scab up, scab comes off and bleeds, scabs up again, etc.

I am working alot on oral supplements, in addition to large amounts of pancreas (pork, from ARG/Nutricology), I am now eating at least 30 appricot seeds a day. I take them 5 at a time, either on an empty stomach or with meals.

busymom Posted - 11/23/2014 : 23:23:42
@ Gloe - I understand you being concerned about using the black salve on your face. I'm not sure what I would do. However, I have a friend who had surgery for a BCC on her face and they had to do skin grafting. She had to wear a bandage for quite a while and it's still not totally healed. The spot is right between her eyes. So, I don't know if the black salve would be any worse. I sure hope whatever you decide works out for you.

@ Cheryl - I have now treated the spot with black salve three times. Day 1, Nov. 18; Day 2, Nov. 19; and Day 4, Nov. 21. I followed instructions in Ingrid Naiman's book, Cancer Salves, and scratched /cut into the eschar with small sharp scissors before the third application. It did not hurt at all since the eschar has no feeling. She says to do this so that the application of black salve can penetrate through the eschar. Well, let me tell you, it worked! That was my first sleepless night due to intense pain and burning. However, you are probably very familiar with this since you have used the black salve. This is my first time. I don't really know what to do from here. I guess just wait for the eschar to continue to form and fall out? I sure hope I don't have to reapply the black salve, but I most definitely will if it looks like there is still any kind of growth. Here's a pic from this morning, Day 6 since beginning of black salve. It is very red and irritated around the perimeter and very painful as well.

OK, it's not letting me post the pic. But I was able to post a pic over on the Vit. C forum, so maybe you could check there and let me know what you think.

All comments/thoughts are welcome from everyone. Thanks so much!
cheryl21 Posted - 11/21/2014 : 18:31:29
Hi busymom,

I have been busy and hadn't looked at the site for a few days and what a surprise! I wasn't expecting that, it's very brave of you!

You're getting a reaction so there's obviously something there. How is it feeling now and how is it looking? Are you able to post any photos?

All the best with it,

gloe Posted - 11/21/2014 : 07:40:42
WOW busymom, I admire your courage to try the black salve. My problem is on my face, or I would try it too.

Keep us informed!
busymom Posted - 11/20/2014 : 09:54:43
Hi everyone! Well, I applied the first round of black salve on Tuesday night (11-20-14). It immediately began to burn within like 3 seconds. However, I was applying it to an already open site because I had been using alternating treatments of the 35% peroxide, vit. C, eggplant, selenium for over a week. The black salve burned about as bad as the vit. C paste and stopped burning after about 30 minutes. During the day yesterday, I was feeling a "heat" type feeling on the site, and later I had a heat/burning feeling in my arms and hands and on the left side of my jaw (where I have an abscessed tooth, incidentally!) I cleaned the site after 24 hrs (according to instructions in the book Cancer Salves by Ingrid Naiman) and reapplied the salve, covering it with occlusive bandage. It immediately started to burn and has burned all night and is still burning. Thankfully, it is tolerable and even though I could feel it during the night, I was able to sleep fairly well. I will continue to update.

@ Anonkw - I am so happy that your treatments are continuing to work and that you are staying healthy. Since reading your posts, I am taking selenium internally everyday! I will probably use selenium externally on the site when it is in the healing phase.
anonkw Posted - 11/18/2014 : 04:58:43
busymum, It's good to see that you're getting results.
I've never used the vitamin c treatment myself because the Selenium has always worked for me, and lately I've only had to use it just once a day.
It seems to be working well.
gloe Posted - 11/16/2014 : 09:07:37
Busymom, I'm glad things look so much better. Please keep us informed as to how you are doing.

Nanoagain Posted - 11/16/2014 : 06:44:22
Hi Anivoc, when I was using the selenium citrate it was Thorne brand and probably 200 mcg. I haven't been able to find that again, so just use any brand or type of selenium at this point.
busymom Posted - 11/15/2014 : 19:07:23
I am continuing treatments as I have mentioned above, which are 35% peroxide, vit. C mixed with aloe vera, eggplant puree with apple cider vinegar, selenium mixed with aloe vera and selenium internally (200 mg). I am using orange essential oil and frankincense essential oil in between some treatments. The site is looking good, but I am concerned that the core hasn't done anything. So, I ordered black salve tonight and I will treat it more aggressively. Honestly, I am really dreading the black salve and I'm scared, but I'm also scared not to do it. I'll keep updating. I look forward to updates from others as well. I was going to load a pic from today, but it keeps giving an error 500 message. Maybe tomorrow.
anivoc Posted - 11/15/2014 : 10:15:25
Hi Nanoagain

What brand of selenium citrate are you using and what milligrams?
busymom Posted - 11/13/2014 : 07:40:50
Thanks for your input, Nanoagain. I agree. I will just keep treating it and see what it does. I did selenium last night, and orange oil, peroxide, eggplant/vinegar mix this morning. The orange oil barely burns and the eggplant/vinegar only burns for about a minute and then it feels rather soothing. I am loving the seran wrap over it because then I don't get the irritation from the bandaid, plus it stays moist.

I will post back soon with updated pics. Hang in there! Thanks for your input and keeping me company on this journey.
Nanoagain Posted - 11/13/2014 : 05:09:24
My thoughts are to keep treating because the moles and growths that are seen are just the tip of the iceberg. Judging from my BCC, there is a lot of junk underneath.

I constantly put iodine, selenium, vit c, aloe, etc, all kinds of combos on a suspicious area that popped up a few months after my MOHs. It has been more than a year since then, maybe two! Not giving it a chance to grow!

busymom Posted - 11/12/2014 : 20:04:16
Yes, I am very happy that it came off so quickly. Now, I am wondering whether to let it heal or to keep treating it. I am kind of concerned about that little part in the very center, between the white circle areas. It seems to be the "core" maybe. I treated the whole area yesterday and today, but the center did not turn white like the other part. I have been keeping it moist by covering it with seran wrap for yesterday and today. The bandaids were irritating my skin, plus I wanted to keep it moist so it wouldn't scab up yet. Any thoughts are much appreciated.
Nanoagain Posted - 11/12/2014 : 16:30:24
Wow, that was fast!
busymom Posted - 11/12/2014 : 16:14:08
Hi Nanoagain! You were right, it was detaching. As a matter of fact, it was totally gone when I woke up yesterday morning. There was just dark mush in the bandaid! I had remembered that I had selenium capsules, so instead of getting the selsun, I just mixed up selenium with aloe vera gel. It felt great and was very soothing. When I woke up, the growth (whatever it is) was just mush on the bandaid, as I said. I began treatment with eggplant and vinegar yesterday, (Day 4), back to vit. C and the selenium mixture before bed last night, and orange essential oil in between treatments. I am doing the same today. The picture I am posting here is from this morning (Day 5).

Image Insert:

91.15 KB
Nanoagain Posted - 11/11/2014 : 18:33:05
Hi Busymom, the mole looks as if it is starting to push away from the skin which seems very encouraging. Vit C worked well for my BCC, painful, bit it was pulling out the stuff from the infiltrative fingers that spread the cancer. Hope your mole resolves soon!
busymom Posted - 11/10/2014 : 19:02:53
This is on Day 2 of treatment with the peroxide and vit. C. It burns and hurts. Holding an icepack on it helps a lot. I treated the surrounding area and so it seems to be reacting to the treatment. The red areas toward the sides are from the bandaid, which I have now exchanged for another kind.

Image Insert:

90.67 KB
busymom Posted - 11/10/2014 : 18:56:32
This is a pic of what it currently looked like before I began treatment three days ago. It is 1 centimeter in diameter.

Image Insert:

95.67 KB

Image Insert:

busymom Posted - 11/10/2014 : 18:49:04
Hi Anonkw! I have just read all of the posts here, starting with your story of melanoma. I am so encouraged that you are doing so well. I will definitely try the Selsun.

I am going to post a picture of a black mole that has come up on my hip. It has only been a dark freckle type thing for several years, but now it is raised, rough, and mostly black on top. I had been wondering about it, but had not done any treatment. My doc saw it during an exam and she was very concerned and told me to see a dermatologist right away. I do not want to go that route, so I did not go and I delayed treatment because of a couple of trips I needed to take. When I went back for a follow-up visit, the doc asked if I had seen the doc about the mole. I told her that I had not, but that I had been using frankincense oil and that it seemed to have helped littl, but I would begin treatment soon.

So, I have started with 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide and vit. C powder mixed into a paste with aloe vera gel. I am also planning to use eggplant. However, I am not totally sure this is melanoma, but it does look like some pictures I have seen of melanoma. Would you be so kind as to tell me what you think? Thanks in advance, and any other tips you have are welcome.

Again, thanks for your story and keeping us all updated on your progress. (I will post the picture on the following post from my tablet.)
anonkw Posted - 10/18/2014 : 22:10:36
Just checking in to let everyone know that the treatment is still working well.
anonkw Posted - 04/22/2014 : 21:39:20
Last winter, a family member was fighting a serious illness, and one of the things we decided to try was coconut butter.
There are a list of things it's supposed to be able to do, including the claim that it can boost your immune system, which can apparently be achieved by consuming a table spoon of the stuff each day.
I also started taking it at the same time, but after a few weeks the person being treated started to pass blood.
A day later, the same thing happened to me, and I figured that the increased fat in our diet must have been causing problems with our digestive tracts.
We immediately stopped taking it, but it wasn't until shortly afterwards that I realised something else.
The bronchitis that I'd been suffering for the last few years appeared to be gone, and on top of that, my lifelong dandruff problem also seemed to be cured!
It seemed a bit too good to be true, and I'm presently just waiting for winter to set in again, so that I can be sure that the bronchitis really is gone.
There's a laundry list of things which coconut butter is supposed to be able to do, and you can even cook with it, because it's the only vegetable oil which isn't affected by heat, and curing dandruff is also on the list.
The only reason I'm mentioning it here though, is because anyone who is battling cancer could certainly benefit from a boost to their immune system.
The description given for coconut butter sounds a lot like a systemic antibiotic, because it's claimed that after it enters the bloodstream, it becomes lethal to bacteria, viruses, and even internal fungal infections.
I don't know how long it normally takes for bronchitis to run it's course, so it might have been just a coincidence, but the fact that it suddenly disappeared in the middle of winter, when it was normally at it's worst, makes that unlikely.
But even taking that into account, my dandruff problem is still cured.
Coconut butter dissolves well into a cup of tea or coffee, and nowadays I still take a few teaspoons of the stuff on any day when I expect to go anywhere with crowds of people, in the hope that it'll give my immune system a kick in the pants against flu or colds etc.

Just one final warning though!

Coconut oil comes from tropical countries, where some of the worst diseases can be found, and I've noticed that when left on a shelf in a cupboard for a while, things start to grow in the bottom of the jar.
It doesn't appear to have any special antibacterial qualities until it gets into the bloodstream, so it only makes sense to avoid putting it into an open wound.
It probably also makes sense to discard the last three quarters of an inch or so in the jar, rather than trying to use it.
Nanoagain Posted - 01/22/2014 : 10:29:59
Just wanted to give another update on the selenium treatment. Things have been going really well. I did some more research using the book, “Selenium: Are You Getting Enough to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer?” by Edgar Drake. He claimed that zinc actually works against the anticancer properties of selenium, so I dropped the zinc ointment. Instead I use vitamin A and vitamin E with the selenium because they are supposed to enhance the effects.

So this is how I'm treating the lesions now. I use a hot washcloth on the lesions to heat the tissue and remove loose skin. Then I mix one vitamin A capsule with one vitamin E (all types, not just alpha) and dump in a 200 mcg capsule of selenium citrate. I mix this and apply it throughout the day. It's really nice because it's a light oil that sticks well and isn't really noticeable.

The results have been incredible compared to the vitamin C treatment. First of all, no pain—just some twinges and lots of itching. No skin damage—the one deep lesion that I had went from being painful and having black/brown eschar with eaten out areas to the skin turning absolutely white and healing.

Now that I've been using the selenium for about a week, when I look at this white skin it reminds me of what you see when you dig out a wart—the skin is kind of crumbly and has air holes. No pain, lots of itching.

I am also taking 400 mcg selenium orally and trying to up my trace mineral intake. I also eat a couple of cloves of garlic a day.
anonkw Posted - 01/21/2014 : 18:39:32
Yes, I'd also like to thank Dan for allowing me to share this information.
In many ways this appears to be a very mild form of treatment
which could probably be used with other treatments without any
negative side effects.
Nanoagain Posted - 01/20/2014 : 10:51:51
I would like to say thank you so much to Dan for starting this forum. It has been a huge help to me as I have dealt with bcc in the past two years.

So I was working on some abnormal patches that I'm pretty sure were bcc or heading that way with a mixture of vitamin C, Vitamin E and green tea extract. It was working pretty well, but so painful that I wanted to find something that would not hurt so much. This topic about using Selsun shampoo came up and I thought--what the heck and got a bottle of selenium citrate out. I mixed about 100 mcg with some zinc ointment and put it on the two patches.

Before I started with the selenium, the two patches were a real mess. The c had opened up the skin and the skin was super inflamed, kind of gooey and you could see where the cancer had eaten into the skin. I put the ointment on before bedtime. When I got up in the morning, the two spots looked "healthy". I can't think of any other way to put it. They were white, drying up and forming real scabs.

I've been doing this for about three days now and it all still looks good. What does this mean, I'm not sure, but some research indicated that maybe the selenium didn't kill the virus (I believe that this cancer is caused by a virus or two), but rather "chased" it out of the cell.

See "Selenium Against Viruses: More Exciting Research from Dr. Will Taylor" by Dr. R. Passwater and "Selenium Deficiency and Viral Infection" by M. Beck, Levander and Handy

Toxicity is more of a concern with selenium than Vit c, but sources actually recommend we take 800 mcg per day for good health and that toxicity isn't a problem until roughly 5000 mcg per day. How much is absorbed through the skin--I don't know if it's an issue. Symptoms of toxicity are nausea, garlic breath, there are probably more.

I am cautiously optimistic that this might actually work! I like it because it didn't cause skin damage like the vitamin c did and is painless.
anonkw Posted - 01/14/2014 : 17:29:24
My old mother has had an ordinary black mole on her upper back for most of her life, and over the last year or so, has been treating it with a
mix of about 60 percent selsun to 40 percent Sorbolene, once a day.
Just recently, the outer edges began to collapse and became tan coloured, then a day or two after that, the whole thing took on the appearance of a slightly raised freckle, and it still seems to be slowly disappearing.

I've wondered for some time, whether or not this treatment could
possibly remove a permanent mole, and this is the best evidence I've seen so far.
anonkw Posted - 10/22/2013 : 23:52:42
For the last few months I've only been using two treatments a day, and it appears to be working, although I still prefer to use full strength Selsun on the difficult bits.
anonkw Posted - 06/05/2013 : 02:32:49
If I may ask, what part of the world do you live in?

The sunny land of Australia.
kitten9 Posted - 05/21/2013 : 07:14:16
If I may ask, what part of the world do you live in?
anonkw Posted - 04/12/2013 : 01:05:27
I recently discovered something interesting about this treatment, when I found that a small birthmark which I've had all my life, had virtually disappeared.
I say virtually, because after a very close inspection, I did manage to find it, but it's now so faded as to be almost invisible.
The reason I hadn't noticed it until now, is because it's on the back of my left forearm, and can only be seen if I twist my arm into an unusual position.

This treatment seems to limit areas of excessive cellular growth, while leaving healthy cells alone.
Something which I remember hearing about selenium, is that it creates a protective sheath around the cells, and maybe that's where the limiting effect comes from.

Something else which occurred to me though, is this ...

If it can cause an ordinary birthmark to almost completely disappear, then it might also work on a disfiguring strawberry birthmark, which some people are afflicted with.

If anyone who reads this happens to know someone with that problem, then you might want to share the information with them, and I'd be interested to know how it turns out.
But just remember that facial skin is very sensitive, and you should probably aim for a mixture which is as strong as possible, without causing noticeable irritation to the skin.

A light mixture of one tenth Selsun, to nine tenths Sorbolene would be a good place to start, but don't expect immediate results, because the less malignant something is, the longer it takes with this treatment.
If anything is going to happen at all, then it'll probably take a couple of weeks before you notice any difference.
anonkw Posted - 02/20/2013 : 20:47:59
Glad you are still doing well. This certainly was an interesting story. I may order some yellow Selsun and try it
on my rash. Thanks. I have one thing in common with you--I used the original Selsun when it came out for dandruff
decades ago. I am sure the smell will take me back.

Sorry for the delay, but I sometimes get caught up in writing my blog and lose track of the time. This treatment for skin cancer isn't the only revelation I've received from God, and for any Christian readers who might be interested, you might want want to check it out at
As for my skin cancer, nowadays I just mix up a batch in an old peanut butter jar, which is a lot more convenient, and some other members of my family have also used this stuff quite recently, with noticeable results.
Paullie Posted - 02/03/2013 : 00:02:48
Glad you are still doing well. This certainly was an interesting story. I may order some yellow Selsun and try it on my rash. Thanks. I have one thing in common with you--I used the original Selsun when it came out for dandruff decades ago. I am sure the smell will take me back.
anonkw Posted - 11/27/2012 : 22:26:52
Still going well!
anonkw Posted - 07/31/2012 : 22:55:47
My bronchitis returned again this winter, but it isn't as bad as last year, and my overall health seems to be improving.
anonkw Posted - 01/25/2012 : 20:00:36
My immune system seems to have suffered a bit this second time around, and I'm just now getting over a prolonged bout of bronchitis.
Overall, things seem to be improving though.
Progress with the melanoma has been slower this time, since it last spread over most of my upper body, but the last visible signs are still fading.
I try to include two cloves of chopped raw garlic in my food each day, although most people would probably choose the walnut option for obvious reasons.
I'm no longer concerned about the possibility of poisoning myself with the Selenium though.
Once you get past the first couple of months of intensive treatment, there doesn't seem to be any real danger of that.
anonkw Posted - 08/14/2011 : 23:05:22
Just checking in to let everyone know that the treatment still seems to be working, and that I haven't yet noticed any long term negative side effects.
I've had this now for more than three and a half years, but the real test will be the five year mark.
Not many people survive beyond five years with a melanoma because of secondary internal forms of cancer which spring up later on.
I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it goes.
SheilaInAus Posted - 04/12/2011 : 08:01:01
Thanks anonkw, I don't have melanomo but I've had another primary cancer and I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I want to be prepared with as many medicinals as possible to use if I get a recurrence. Also it would be good to get rid of those liver spots.
anonkw Posted - 04/10/2011 : 04:07:03
Sorry for the delayed response.
I don't often visit the webmail account which I use for this forum, but prefer to just pop in once in a while whenever I have the time.

Originally posted by SheilaInAus

I wonder if the Selsun is absorbed into the body?

All of the evidence I've seen and experienced so far would seem to say that it does.
The appearance of symptoms of poisoning around the area of the armpits after using a concentrated two month treatment, would seem to imply that the glands in those areas were responding to an overall build up of selenium in my body.
This is supported by the fact that I didn't use very much around the armpits anyhow, so there's no reasonto conclude that it was just a localized reaction.

I've heard that liver spots don't actually have anything to do with your liver, but I'm pretty sure that they must be connected to the deterioration of some internal function which normally accompanies ageing.
I'm in my fifties now, but the liver spots which were on the back of my hands before I began this treatment have completely disappeared, even though I never use Selsun on the back of my hands.

There's a small brown mole on my right forearm which I also never treat, but it has obviously shrunk since all of this began.

At the time when I first contracted this disease, it had been years since I'd last used Selsun for anything at all, and the daily intake of selenium in my food would have been close to nothing!
I certainly didn't eat walnuts or garlic.
Lately however, almost every day I've started mixing a clove of raw garlic into one of my meals.

From everything I've learned, it seems to me that whatever treatment somebody might be using for skin cancer, they should probably also include some naturally occurring selenium in their diet.
SheilaInAus Posted - 03/21/2011 : 11:05:08
Please do come back. You have put an excellent personal account on record. I wonder if the Selsun is absorbed into the body? I'm interested in anything that works on skin or solid tumours where people can report real results. I must get back onto those brazil nuts that are super high in Selenium.

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