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Posted - 03/10/2014 :  05:55:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A follow up to this item:

Home Made Skin Cream for Skin Cancer #2
If you have already developed squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas, make the contents of one artemisinin capsule into a paste by adding a drop or two of DMSO. Apply the paste to the skin cancer twice daily. - from Dr. David Williams Alternatives November 2005.

Has anyone tried this? I have been researching using DMSO with other agents to get into the cancer, and artemisinin is on my list.

According to the last link, the NIH has been condicting successful tests of this herb for cancer, for years. I have to assume we haven't heard of it much because if it does indeed work as well as it is claimed, this would really cut into the profits of Big Pharma.

From what I have read, it works like vitamin C -- taking oral artemisinin is as effective as high dose IV vitamin C, but obviously cheaper and easier to do for us DIYers.

Today I am starting topical artemisinin (one cap ARG Super Artemisinin mixed with DMSO diluted to 50% with distilled water.) and oral ARG (Allergy Research Group) Super Artemisinin, 1 cap 2 times per day on an empty stomach (morning and nite) but with some fat. I am using fish oil and/or coconut oil for the fat (though these caps have some artemisinin oil right in the capsules). Will do this 5 days on and 5 days off, as the info indicates that the intestines develop a resistance to absorbing this, it is recommended 11 days on 3 days off, or a few days on, then a few days off. Since I alternate most of my supplements 5 days on and 5 days off, I will take the artemisinin on the "off" days. It is not advisable to get alot of antioxidants with artemisinin, as artemisinin works by creating free radicals (oxidation) and you don't want to take alot of antioxidants with it as they will neutralize the effect. I note that Steve Martin (from GK, R.I.P. dear Steve) has in his cancer protocols "do not load up on anti-oxidants."

There is also this:
I hadn't heard of "phytoartemisinin." It may be better absorbed. I also hadn't heard of DCA. This last link recommends that you use DCA on the days you are "off" artemisinin. Instead, I will load up on Broccomax, taking it with my other supplements. (He says certain foods mimic the action of DCA, such as broccoli and tumeric.)

Will report back!


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Posted - 03/13/2014 :  09:17:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Doing much better after only a few days of the artemisinin treatment. Had also added facial masks with Sonne's Bentonite clay (I buy the premixed liquid, and just smooth it on all over the affected area.) Hard to know how much the improvement could be due to the clay facials, but I won't stop!

After months of iodine treatment, I was left with 4 spots on the right side of my nose, going down toward my cheek. The vitamin C treatment also had dripped down to the area under my right nostril, and a "bump" appeared there.

Of the 4 spots near the right side of my nose, two were smooth, flesh colored bumps, close together, that grew to be one elongated growth. That is competely gone. Two spots were open, bleeding, oozing, messes. The smaller one is virtually gone, leaving a red area that feels a little scabby, and needs some more healing. The larger one is much more "defined", and on its way to healing up, but still needs more work. Nothing bleeds or oozes anymore. In addition, the entire right side of my nose going up along the bone toward my right eye, was so swelled up that the entire area throbbed. The throbbing has completely stopped as the area is MUCH less swollen. There is no more itching.

The bump under my right nostril does not appear to have responded at all to the artemisinin treatment. It does burn (along with the rest of the affected areas) for a short time after I apply the Artemisinin/DMSO topical.

Edited by - gloe on 03/13/2014 09:18:36
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Posted - 03/18/2014 :  06:39:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I decided that during this (my first) 5 day break from Atemisinin, that I would layoff any DMSO treatments, and instead apply a healing salve to let things, well, heal a bit. I am using Gaia Plantain salve

Things are sure calming down, but a white bump that I noted several weeks ago (I said I could see a white bump in the middle of the inflamed mess I had made of my skin) is now much more prominent. I don't know if something I am using is drawing it out (that Gaia salve has some blootroot in it; I use Sonne's Bentonite liquid for a facial mask) or if the inflamation around it has subsided so much that it is more easily seen and felt. But there it is. Looks much more like a whitehead pimple than those pearly white BCCs I have seen pictures of (and once had on my collarbone, many years ago), but we shall see.

Onward and upward, so they say . . .

Edited by - gloe on 03/18/2014 06:40:18
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Posted - 04/04/2014 :  13:08:54  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It occured to me that maybe the DMSO alone is responsible for my improvement. So for 8 days now I have been using just the DMSO mixed 50/50 with distilled water; wash off after 30 min; apply a healing salve or other ointment I have used Medihoney, the messiest of the bunch; Argentyn 23 Gel (VERY easy to use, clear gel that stays put); Gaia Plaintain ointment; and Lucas' Papaw ointment. Of all these, I think I got the best result with Medihoney. Of course.

Once per day I use Sonne's Liquid Bentonite clay after the DMSO, and before the ointment/salve.

Still making slow, steady progress, with some backsliding, such as when I don't sleep very much at night, the next day the area looks worse.
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