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 Need help with Squamous Cell Carcinoma on Nose
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Posted - 11/26/2012 :  17:31:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I was recently diagnosed with Sqaumous Cell Carcinoma skin cancer on the tip of my nose and my doctor is highly suggesting that I have the Mohs Procedure done. However, after looking at pictures of other people who have had the Mohs Procedure done, I am very worried about my appearance and how the surgery will affect me and my looks.

Specifically I am very worried with how the surgery will affect my looks.

Can anyone who has had this surgery or has had close intimate dealings with it tell me how disfiguring it really is? Specifically I want to know how big the hole in the nose will be after surgery, and how long the healing time is. I work with a special needs child and I don't want to scare him.

Thank you!


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Posted - 11/26/2012 :  21:25:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
There is no way of telling exactly how deep or how big of an area a skin cancer encompasses. A guesstimate yes but there are no guarantees.
One derm described it to me as such..They are like an iceberg, what you see on the top is about 1/3 of what lurks below.

There are a lot of alternative therapies mentioned on this site and some work on some people and not on others.. You owe it to yourself to spend some time reading the various approaches, ask questions and then narrow down your options.

Squamous is a little more dangerous than Basal cell and has a higher possibility of metastasizing so you really don't want to wait to long to make a decision on how you want to go about dealing with it.

In regards to what the end result will be..It is hard to say..some people heal really well and are great candidates for plastic surgery others don't heal as nicely. If you are unhappy with how you end up looking after you deal with this lesion... The best shot you have is finding the best plastic surgeon you can find to get you back to as close to how you started as you can...

Good Luck!

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Posted - 11/28/2012 :  09:34:47  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I was battling a spot on my nose for 2 yrs. I used effudex too but after a couple months it just started bleeding again. I crushed melatonin tab and made a paste with coconut oil and put on 24/7 for 10 days and then at least at night. It is now day 30 and the root is gone the skin is not tender. The pea sized area where I put the effuddex is still scarred but not very visible. it doesn't need makeup. All with out any scabbing to speak of and although the coconut oil can redden the bad skin the melatonin paste lightens it so socially not a bad experience. Unfortunately i never had a biopsy so there's a possibility it was only ak but I think the effudex would have wiped that out. I have only found a few posts of other people who have tried this successfully one on bcc's and the other on ak's. There are no posts of it not working. Hope more people try this.
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Posted - 11/29/2012 :  09:38:25  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Rabbit500, I, too was diagnosed with SCC February of 2012. I had a very small pinkish scaly patch on the bridge of my nose betweeen my eyes for about 2 weeks prior to my 6 month check at my dermotologist. The PA biopsied it and came back SCC in situ (Bowen's disease). I had already had a BCC diagnosed in February of 2008 and that sore had been on the left side of my nose for about 4 or 5 years. I did have a punch biopsy done at my doctor's office in 2004 and it came back clear. I had MOHS surgery done in 2008 and they got it all in one pass. I do have a nice scar and it is noticeable. I didn't have a great experience with my recovery from MOHS, so I am very hestitant to get another surgery especially on my nose right between my eyes. Since February, I have tried so many topical and internal things. The only spot visible on my nose now is the scar from the biopsy. I have used Vitamin C, baking soda, and eggplant topically as well as elimating sugar, dairy and gluten almost from my diet. I do take a elixir of 2 T Apple cider Vinegar, 1/2 tsp of baking soda, 1/2 tsp of tumeric, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, grated ginger with about 6 oz of hot water almost every day. Now, I just returned to my dermatologist office last week and was told they were very worried about me. I said, I am refusing surgery and would like to explore other options. She told me there were no other options and if I did not have MOHS surgery, she would no longer be able to treat me. She basically fired me as her patient. She wouldn't even examine me nor consider the possibility that my cancer is gone. I am getting my records and going for a second opinion and will probably seek out a naturalpath doctor. When I said that I have read so many instances of the cancer coming back after MOHS surgery, her response was that nothing is 100%. When I go for the second opinion, I will post again.
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Posted - 12/03/2012 :  00:06:32  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thank you so much for posting. I am so sorry to hear about how your md treated you. I am a nurse and this kind of treatment to a patient in inexcusable. I go for my consult with my md on Tuesday and am scheduled for mohl on 12/13. Everyone says I have to have it done. I guess I have taken care of many patients and seen them go through so much that I just don't want to go through it. I would rather enjoy life instead of living life sick. I will post after my consult.
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