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 mr recent progress with BCC....
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Posted - 07/29/2016 :  21:41:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
my first post....
i have a lesion on the leftt side of my neck just under my ear. my pcp recently diagnosed it as BCC, and i have an appt with a derm in september. i have had this thing on my neck for almost 6 years, and just lived with it
i had one earlier bout with bcc on my lower back 20 years ago. i had it removed surgically, it has never come back
my daughter is an adult now and she nagged me about it, as did my neighbor. i.did a little research about it, realized it was BCC, and a couple of years back started treating it with ammonia and baking soda and DMSO mixed. i call using this combo 'burning' it hurt but not that much. had the lesion close up a couple of times, but it always came back. finally, i realized i had to get more serious about this this was mid june 2016
i luckily found this site and am very glad i did. my lesion has healed in a very promising way. there is no scab (like there usually was), its smooth pink scar tissue, although the bcc crater is still there (big deal! i have no issue with scars the size of an M&M)
here is what i did after studying this site a lot, that produced my results i kept a daily log and studied almost all the remedies on this site (and others...). But this place is hands-down the most comprehensive, and supportive
i bought tea tree oil (tto), orange oil (tko), cymillium, precreatin tabs, vitamin c ascorbate etc. i tried them all... finally,.i would rotate through my ' burners' a different one every day, sometimes 2 in the same day. although they all burned a little bit, the ammonia gave me the thick black scab in the morning that would freak me out. i got used to it.... realizing that something was happening i would rest 2-3 days after a good 2-3 day burn, and started making fresh aloe vera (cold pressed with a potato ricer, no blender) mixed with vitamin e. i would clean it every morning with apple cider vinegar (acv) / peroxide but later dropped these in favor or the aloe. i think the aloe vera was very important, i even bought 5 plants
. Not sure what specifically in this protocol was the key, but my thingy started shrinking after this last burn .rest cycle (july 4). it has healed up in 3 weeks, lots of aloe many times a day, even at night .i will never stop the aloe.
i am cautiously optimistic, we shall see. i really appreciate the contributions by everyone. your posts were very informative and supportive. your neighbors/ friends look at you .... like wtf dude, have surgery, its no biggie. i was determined to fix this myself.... i am very stubborn. it is very hard to take this on yourself... i have learned that, we all feel/know that. just persevere... i just accepted the pain, and instinctively felt it was good, and the only way i could make progress. 1was going through 8-10 bandaids a day to keep the lesion moist, and the terrible-looking sore hidden. it was almost the size of a quarter... i stopped the bandaids once i detected a stabilization. it was just clean pink skin... thats when i started the aloe treatment.and it started shrinking
3-4 months ago i was so depressed over this... i cannot believe i am able to report this progress

i hope this helps the site and the members whatever situation u r in.... i tried to enclose a few pix of the 'healing scar' but it is difficult / not intuitive. frankly i could care less about the scar. i just hope it remains a scar.
it will be interesting to see what the derm says in september.

thank you all so much and good luck! feel free to contact me if i can be of any help, gmail miccyderota



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Posted - 08/12/2016 :  23:26:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the great post! I like the approach of rotating topicals. I am glad it looks like it is working on a BCC which seems to be a stubborn type of skin cancer to treat.

So to sum up: ammonia, baking soda, and DMSO had an effect but apparently wasn't enough all by itself.

Rotating that first treatment with tea tree oil, orange oil, cymillium (ammonia, pancreatin, and aloe vera), pancreatin tabs, vitamin C, aloe vera, vitamin E, apple cider vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide turned the corner. That sounds like a very determined effort!

Keep us updated if you can.
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Posted - 08/13/2016 :  00:08:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
here is a great update: i have a scar... indented a little, but it is pink / healthy-looking. It has been almost 6 weeks that it healed up, and i of course check it every day. It is slightly noticeable, but as a 66 yr old single white male.... i am fine with it. I have no intentions of doing anything further with it (ie plastic surgery...) There is no scabbing / no bleeding, nothing that indicates something is trying to grow back. And, i am very familiar with the symptoms of it coming back. Even my daughter notices a difference this time
My scar is a constant reminder to me that i am very lucky to have found your site, and had the nerve to try the veritable smorgas bord of solutions discussed here.
unequivocally, i would never have made the progress i did if it were not for topicalinfo. no question, no discussion... very simple.
Ever vigilent, my array of medications are in the dining room cabinet, and i will not hesitate to resort to them again.

thanks for your interest, and again for driving this site....


/mike in so cal near disney
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Posted - 08/17/2016 :  22:32:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Mike

Congratulations on your success!

I'd appreciate if you go a little further into detail on a few items

What brand of Pancreatin tabs?

When you applied the pancreatin tabs did you crush them into a powder and mix with ammonia and aloe vera? If yes, what was the ratio / mix between the ammonia, pancreatin and ammonia.

What brand of ammonia?

What brand of vitamin C?

Lastly you mentioned that the tumor turned black when you applied ammonia..was that just ammonia or the mix?


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Posted - 08/18/2016 :  10:06:42  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
i used 'source naturals' pancreatin 8x that i got off ebay. i took them internally as pills, and did not apply topically. i still have half the bottle left... i did not use that many of them... sometimes i would forget to take them.
I used household ammonia that i got from big lots for a $1 or so, one bottle was lemon the other unscented. i use the ammonia to clean my floors, windows, dishes, etc in the house, so maybe half a cup of ammonia was used on my neck. I originally used this mixed with baking soda. I liked how the baking soda would dry out and stick to my neck like a poultice. After a while, i added DMSO to everything i applied when i was burning. the thick black scab was mostly the result of this ammonia / bakibg soda / dmso mixture. Some days i would use different mixtures, ie tto, cymillium, ammonia, orange oil. All of these mixed`/ cut with dmso. Not very scientific i know, but i was desperate. The ammonia mixture provided the best burn, but even then the pain was gone in less than 5 min... No pain, no gain was /is my mantra. It was shocking to me to see my neck after 2 days or so of this... very red, very enlarged, scarey! i used a lot of bandaids.
in the beginning i liked the vitamin c, but it stopped burning me, so i stopped. i originally used a brand called 'EMERGENC' in packet form that my daughter gave me years ago, then i read how you needed to use sodium ascorbate crystals. i got this and was disappointed. There was no burn... the vit c did clean the lesion, but it did not get smaller. this is when i got 'hard core' and stepped up the treatments to tea tree oil, cymillium, ammonia, and orange oil. Finally, i augmented my treatment with my hand-pressed aloe & vit e. I feel this aloe mixture, used at night, and on non-burn days was key to my progress. i used a lot of the aloe, my neck was soaked with it all the time.
One final thing, i never mentioned was that i stopped drinking hard alcohol, mainly vodka. I still had beer and wine, but my consumption of vodka was too high, so i stopped. i still have a few bottles of 'red chile infused' vodka, but it is so hot i can only use a few drops to flavor my pseudo bloody marys.
i hope this helps. my scar is still 'just a scar' thank god! i am supposed to see a derm in a few weeks, i hope nothing changes, and when she asks me what i did... i am gonna tell her.... you don't want to know!

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Posted - 10/18/2016 :  20:07:23  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hey all.
i hope you are well.... i had an interesting visit with a surgical derm today (Sep-23-2016), part of my hmo network, she was very good! young, straight-to-the-point, willing to listen and i was impressed at her concern, and sincerity. i was not expecting that at all, it may have caught me off guard. we had a great conversation, and i came away with a new perspective.... slightly... meaning i am thinking about it a little differently. i wanted to get my initial impressions out.
even though i just have a 'nice pink healthy scar' now, she immediately said the tumor/cancer was still active. I recounted a little of my treatments (see previous posts) and she informed me that all i had done was to cauterize the cancerous lesion (thus the scar...) and that cancer was still there, and it should be exicsed.
my perspective coming into this appt was that she would say you are fine, get out of here. With 2 months of no scabbing... no bleeding, nothing but pink skin, (unlike what i have had for the past 5 years....) i thought i was fine. In fact i did not let her do a biopsy because i was afraid to disturb the monster. I would have allowed the biopsy if i had a scab. i caught her a bit off guard when she said that it could spread / metastasize. i firmly, (but politly) reminded her that BCC rarely is meatatastic... she agreed, and we moved on.... but there were a few anecdotal stories about when she was an intern..
when she realized i had some misgivings about mohs surgery, she seemingly appealed to the emotional side, and asked (honestly... i believe) do it for someone who cares about you... that was mildly impressive.... she is convinced she is right, has the answer... And she made my little nickel-size scar sound like it was a walk-in-the park for her to remove..
she gave me 5 options and typed them up for me, i finally decided on no biopsy and decisively got up to leave.... maybe a bit disappointed / surprised, she followed me out to the reception area, i shook her hand, thanked her, and she quickly said 'you can get a second opinion' in front of her 2 female assistants, to which i replied... 'you are my second opinion'. i don't think she has experienced this type exit that much...
this derm is serious.... i was impressed at her youthful earnestness and sincerity and if my symptoms come back i might let her excise.... i am 66, maybe i should get this behind me... i got a good feeling about this person.... and i never saw such an opinion coming. i thought i was over this bcc.
Update Oct-19-2016. still have a nice scar, have no regrets at all about my behavior at the appt.
Be well everybody....
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