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 So-called “scientific” review of black salve
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Apple Seed

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Posted - 10/08/2017 :  06:45:25  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Has any one seen this so-called “scientific” review attacking black salve?

Let me first state that I am an advocate of the use of black salve, and have used it successfully many times. So my reasons in alerting you to the following article which purports to be a scientific review of black salve is merely to draw your attention to it. I certainly don’t agree with it.

Among its criticisms of black salve is that the salve can cause skin abnormalities that mimic skin cancer, and that cancer is not cured by the salve but rather only the upper layers of it are removed.

I’m not a scientist, but from what I can gather from the article it seems to be a hatchet job on black salves. Anyway, have a look at it and give your opinions.


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Posted - 10/13/2017 :  15:52:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'd not seen it, but it goes in my mental file as further reason not to automatically trust anyone with a metaphorical white coat and a verbose nature.

Salve saved my life.

Do you know even a qualified medical herbalist I was consulting freaked and warned me off Salve once he realised I'd gotten some. He was losing his cred and his $$$ from me if Salve worked. He said everything he could against it. Naturally I and the wife stopped seeing him after that. His medicines were doing nothing anyway. He too was completely wrong in his statements, despite appearing credible on the surface.

One of the things which give the lie to these attacks on Salve, whether they come from officialdom or not, is that in some countries it is actually part of the established medical regime. So either the naysayers are right, the docs in those countries are all idiots, which simply cannot be true, or the naysayers are idiots. Highly intellectualised and credible sounding but idiots all the same.

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Posted - 10/13/2017 :  16:53:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It's crazy the misinformation and ignorance that is out there.
That people like Greg Caton have been persecuted, prosecuted and sent to jail for providing BP is pretty scary..

My The Truth about Bloodroot Paste thread HERE is pretty well armed to make even the most staunch adversary of BP ( if they are being honest with themselves) have to take a step back and scratch their head and rethink their opinion.

BP is not the be all end all but it is definitely one way to approach these skin cancers we face...It is our body and we should have the right to make that choice just like we would for anything cosmetic... I could see making it illegal if there was no proof it worked and people were getting ripped off...that is just not the case...It is criminal that legit companies like Johnson and Johnson can't put out a high quality "over the counter" version of it for people to use.

Bottom line is when it comes to health care in modern society, all doctors enjoy the idea, precept that they are altruistic and saving lives. But that comes with a very healthy paycheck...If they were getting paid minimum wage or even 30% above minimum wage...I don't suspect a lot of them would choose being a doctor..All good unfortunately I've seen it too many times in my 60 plus years of dealing with MD's it's a business and in order to sustain the lifestyle they enjoy they have to keep em coming in....Skin Cancer treatments in the U.S. alone exceed the billion dollar mark annually...That's a lot of money...suddenly put a product out on the market and say yeah try that first before coming and seeing freekin way.....

I know there are very legitimate awesome doctors out there but even they get caught in the web of having to "make a living"

Fun story and then I'll shut up....When I was a baby up until I got my tonsils out @ 4 years old I was sick all the time with sore throats...Dr. Don Nebeker was the dude..he'd come to our house and take care of me...finally he said to my Mom we have to take his tonsils out...She told him they just couldn't afford it....He said I think I can work out something with my brother...he's a veterinarian...we can do the surgery there and avoid all those hospital cost...**** you not...had my tonsils taken out in a veterinary hospital....In today's litigious sue happy world that would never happen...not sure that is a good thing.

Edited by - anivoc on 10/13/2017 16:56:07
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Posted - 10/13/2017 :  17:25:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Yes Anivoc, I agree again. I'm thankful to you too for the posts and advice over the years.

I have a friend in the UK who recently got an order for salve/BP. She was suspicious when it went to a TV companys' address. Sure enough, there was then a program that showed her salve and attacked it as a fake cancer cure. I know this person, I've never tried her personal brand but through word of mouth I know her, I've hung around with her even, and she's very honest and only scrapes a living, but is in fact idealistic and is fuming about it.

I know it isn't the only treatment and isn't suitable for some things, for example melanoma I'd be more concerned about. However, I actually ended up having BCCs actually on my eyelids. The upper fleshy part. I actually watered down the salve to treat them. It wasn't pretty, I looked like the Phantom of the Opera a while, but they came out and that was 2013. I had to be careful there, walking a tightrope, but the risk paid off. They healed and but for a few scars I look okay again. What would docs have done? Likely insisted the removal of my eyelids, which of necessity would have blinded me.

I'm still okay, eyesight fine, in bands again and throwing my Marshall stacks into the back of the van no problem.

Funny story how I got out of it. I had them privately biopsied with strict instructions not to write to my doc. They found a load of Bccs.

By the time I let the official docs biopsy me they found just scar tissue and were puzzled. I'd already long since treated them and they'd healed up. I'm down officially as not having skin cancer! Heck of an artful dodge!

Edited by - robbiethegood on 10/13/2017 17:27:45
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Posted - 10/13/2017 :  18:18:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
That's an awesome story about your eyelids CONGRATS! Dude I play keys we gotta have a Topicalinfo Jam!

I didn't know or think about the fact that they would have to blind you if they removed your eyelids but what the heck can they do if you can't blink? Damn! Scary stuff!

Well I just had my first little lesion pop up on my right lower lid...I zapped it early with the zinc sulphate but it's still there...I like the watered down BP I am having some very interesting experiences with Petty Spurge Poultice..Baby steps but I for sure am onto something for small ones and maybe the big daddy's too! The poultice is very powerful, currently cutting it in half with flour, kind of like the BP recipes..still figuring out how to get the right ratio and consistency but the poultice vs sap definitely works as well or better IMO Gotta start taking pictures..... kind of nasty but it is what it is....
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Posted - 10/15/2017 :  17:40:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ha ha yes, a Topicalinfo jam is a nice idea.

I'm not saying anyone should just slap on the Salve if they get cancers on their eyelids, it's a calculated risk that I took and luckily they hadn't gone through, there was enough underlying flesh left for the skin to grow back. One lid is still a little depleted of flesh, but it doesn't show unless I look directly at the mirror with my face downward, then you can discern one is less fleshy than the other.

I've heard Petty Spurge is highly dangerous if it gets into the eyes? That was my reason for not getting some and putting it on my lids.

There is another method I've tried, that worked, but better for half-treated ones. MMS and DMSO. You mix the MMS neat, without adding water, then a few squirts of DMSO gel 70%. After treating a second huge BCC on the other side of my forehead with Salve, I was concerned it hadn't entirely gone. So this is what I applied. It burned like anything for an hour or so, then I went to bed. In the morning there was a big hardened mass of transparent goo stuck to it, I'd guess maybe lymphatic fluid? Upon removing that, no more trouble with that one and I tested it during later months, no further reaction. That may be a little safer around the eyes than Spurge perhaps?

I don't know how deep it would penetrate to attack a deep skin cancer, I only had this idea after having used the Salve on several places on my face. For half treated ones where it might just need the job finishing, or superficial ones, it may be worth trying. Another point is where you get product from, some suppliers of MMS sell stuff that seems weaker than others. Same as Salve, I guess.

I used olive oil to water it down. I just used a third olive oil. Maybe some versions of Salve/BP on sale are already more gentle than the hardcore stuff. I've tried a few actually, five or six vendors, and the effect seems to vary in pain amount and result.

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Posted - 10/15/2017 :  23:03:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Been a while since I have messed with MMS but maybe I'll add it to the mix here...I make my own

here's a link to instructions on how to make it yourself...pretty simple and then you know what you have....
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Posted - 10/30/2017 :  14:49:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks for that, I'll see if I can source those ingredients.

Any ideas from any experiments, i.e. does slightly more or less of one ingredient make it
stronger/weaker? Puzzles me as to why one supplier gives a stronger effect with the product
than the other. Maybe one ingredient, perhaps the Vit C, was a bit out of date, hard to say.
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